Its the soft spoken nights

where all you can hear is the silence and your breath reminding you that there you are, in the middle of the darkness, taking in all that is.

Sometimes I prefer these nights where all I have to think about it my well being and who I want to be. What I want to do or become. Am I creating?

Some nights, I appreciate the solace I can find in anyones eyes. A physical representation of a pair of windows I can look through reminding me I am not alone.

Why do I want you?

Do you help bring the roaring laughter that harbors in the pit of my stomach? Do you brush my hair not knowing that it provides comfort to the madness happening in my head. Do you know that for a split second I give you the reign over my brain. Do you not know the power has shifted?

What do I want?

it all comes flooding in

who am I within

peel my layers, don’t undress my soul with your eyes for you’ll never ever get to see whats really inside.

I don’t even know

I feel a small lit fire being ignited in me

surrounded around my campfire, I see regret sitting down making a smore

I ask her “what more?” Haven’t I looked back enough? I don’t want to turn into a pillar of salt

Love is chilling with her; love is art.

So I ask how can I tell regret to kindly leave?

She says I have to want to be free.

I stand in awe as I reflect the words that just escaped the mouth of love


Me, free?

it can’t be.




sometimes, i just feel like weeping

because of how lost i feel or desperation to wake up and see that i’m in a box

that despite the endless borders, i feel trapped

and all I have are flashbacks

why did i come here. what created me

how am i here. why. why not


these questions torture me at night because although my eyes are heavy, my mind is awake

always ready and willing to explore.

I am passionate.

I am passionate and impulsive. I love to feel emotions out

If I am super happy, I want to save the world

when I am down, I feel desperate. trapped. lost.


lack of balance

i’m not so good with the grey area but i am accepting more

I love, love

I love adrenaline. I love passionate people

I love smiles and laughter and caring exchanges between human beings, between animals

between flowers

when the rain splashes the ground after a hot day

its everywhere.



I believe the world as a whole shares one soul. All energy that you feel whether it is positive or negative energy affects the soul of the world. This includes your thoughts, feeling, reactions.. When you think a thought, you send off a vibration that will attract whatever it is you thought of or similar things. It’s kind of crazy-but I’m getting off topic -(as always).

Love. When you’re happy, purely happy, you emit love. This love you emit attracts others and helps the soul of the world. When you do things that make you feel alive, that make you feel something, that make you forget about all the unnecessary things, then you are closer to your personal legend. I believe we were all born with a purpose and when we do things that make us happy, we get closer to finding out our purpose. Pay attention to what makes your eyes sparkle, what makes your heart feel joy and warmth, what causes beautiful butterflies to take over your stomach and spread their wings. Those are the important things. When you find out your purpose, I know you will feel a contentment you’ve never felt before. Too many people now a days choose to settle due to fear, due to the feeling that they won’t be accepted, due to money even. I’m choosing to dream and to dream big. To take the blindfold off my eyes due to society and other factors that are here to distract us from what we should be doing or going after. Love is the cure for all the pain in this world and love is so easy. You just have to do what makes YOU feel alive without fear of judgment, without hesitation, without the fear that you won’t make enough money, without the feeling of having to please the people around you. IT DOESN’T MATTER. When you’re on your deathbed, you won’t remember how you made others around you happy in their lives, you’ll think about your life as it flashes before you and see if you were happy. If you truly felt that joy. Life is too short to be unhappy everyday, struggling to get out of bed. Life is literally what you make it! Sometimes you may feel insignificant since theres so many people in this world, but when you do what you love, you really are helping the soul of this world, you’re emitting love vibrations. Now that is pretty significant if you ask me. Love is free and it’s such a beautiful feeling. It’s so simple. This world needs you.

I can

I believe the word doubt has a negative connotation and since I decided to free my mind from any negative, I chose to remove the word doubt from my vocabulary and thoughts.

The word “doubt” in my perspective holds you back. Has anyone ever told you that your words are like magic? That because of your words you can transform your world to what you truly want. They contain that much power. When you say something hurtful to someone (even if you didn’t mean it) did you notice the reaction they had to what you said? Even though you didn’t mean it, the fact you said those words did something to them and caused whatever reaction they had to it. That’s powerful how words can do that. That when you arrange words in a certain way they have the power to bless someone and bring love to their life, or hurt someone and bring sadness and hate and any other negative emotion.

Getting off track here, sorry. Just wanted to emphasize how much affect and power words can have.

Like I said, words are like magic. The word “doubt” though has been on my mind lately. Doubt is a feeling of uncertainty or lack of conviction. When you tell yourself you doubt yourself about a certain thing or something you want to accomplish, you’re literally bringing that uncertainty in your now it’ll be so much harder to do what you need to do or want to do. Doubting yourself isn’t how you were born, its not natural. Okay, that might sound weird. But as a kid didn’t you have these crazy dreams for yourself? When someone asked you “what do you want to be when you grow up?” you had a response to it with confidence because that’s what you wanted in that moment? You had no doubt in your mind that it couldn’t happen to you or that you could reach that.

That’s not because you were young and naive it’s because you were born to do great things and doubt and fear are two of the most common things that people tend to use on themselves that hold themselves back from reaching what they truly want in their heart. Their passionate desire that makes them come alive and makes their eyes twinkle. Their personal legend.

I feel like the media in some way has instilled doubt in us (that’s for another post though so I won’t get into that at all right now.) But i believe doubt was something that was conditioned in us that we just weren’t born with. We are all capable human beings! YOU can achieve whatever you want in this life, I promise you. Be wise with your words and thoughts. Be conscious about them. Are you speaking blessings or curses into your life? Is the word “doubt” in your vocabulary more than the word “I can” ?

I promise you your world will change when you decide to speak more positive things into your life and about yourself. Even if you don’t mean them at all at first, it’s honestly better than saying something completely negative. The way you dreamt as a child, those dreams, their still in you. They’re part of you. They are you. You’re still a dreamer. We all are.

no one can take from you

No one can take anything from you.

Its as simple as that. It’s a crazy concept that took me a long time to understand. I remember when I was fifteen and my boyfriend broke up with me..I thought he ruined me. I would complain to my older brother about how this ex MADE me feel a certain way, but my brother would tell me I was choosing to feel that way and at that time, I did not understand this.

You are complete, you are so beautiful.

In my last post I wrote about how we each shine with the light of the sun in ourselves. No one can take the brightness, that light that is in YOU away. Think about it one can physically grab into your soul and take it out. You shine even on your bad days because you will always contain that light.

No one has the power to take from you. No one can make you feel a certain way without YOU allowing yourself to feel that way. I don’t know how to explain this better..its just so simple but takes a while to click, I suppose.

Your aura- its yours. What you put out into the world, you will receive. It’s almost like you leave your little scent on this world, its so crazy~ but please don’t make yourself suffer for no reason because you think someone took from you and then you feel incomplete or like you’ve lost something.

You didn’t lose anything! You are still YOU and that’s freaking amazing. No one else is you! how purely beautiful is that? You will never find someone who is 100% you.


(i said ‘you’ a lot in this hehe) I hope I made sense.

I just want to help uplift others! I know my grammar isn’t perfecto and my wording isn’t the best, but as long as I make someone smile then that really makes MY day 🙂 I hope all of you have a very relaxing and peaceful night.


There has to be more. That is the statement that keeps me up at night. There is more than the routines we do every day. More than the job we wake up for in the morning but absolutely despise. There is more than the reality television shows we get sucked into because we rather watch other people live their lives than live our own. It’s almost as if we have forgotten how much more there is.

Everyday theres a beautiful blue blanket above us and a warm yellow disco ball right near it.

In the night, theres a reflection of what’s inside of you that I like to call stars.

They shine bright scattered around the now, dark blue blanket. And then theres the glorious moon sitting there in all her glory. Shining and reminding us that we are not alone.

That somewhere, some place in the world there is someone looking at that same image. Someone wishing upon the star that is actually inside of them.

It’s in you

You shine. have you forgotten?